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Let's go on fun history walks, self-discovery personal history retreats and family reunions finding your ancestry treasure gems. Virtual planning, where does your story begin?

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Custom Wine Tour, Silicon Valley, CA

Be a part of our complimentary exclusive Lighthouse traveler group and receive deep insights into your personal heritage journey and local community history globally.  Each personal heritage journey trip you go on you will receive a family group sheet of your ancestry family tree. JOIN NOW

We have arranged trips for individuals and groups, our groups consist of associations and corporations.  Our first group client in 2000 was with the Harvard Business School.

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I received this comment from one of my social media streams during the unexpected and terrible #SFOcrash, “Thanks for the tip Donna, I better postpone my appointment.

"Thank you for being my lighthouse when I was lost at sea." (Hogan-Silicon Valley Engineer)

"You really made the event special and helped make my job easier. Thank you for your hard work and follow-up." (Wine Event, Livermore - Sequoia Equities)

"You’re a great person to work with! Thanks for making this so seamless! (Wine Tasting Tour in Santa Clara Valley - Microsoft)

"Hello, We had a great time and a everyone enjoyed themselves very much. We had several members of our group that are real wine buffs and thus preferred the more higher end type wines, thus went over to an additional winery! Everyone went home with wine! Thanks again." (Wine Tasting Tour in Livermore - Kaiser Permanente)

"Today's event went very very well; our tourguide (Matt) was delightful and we had a really good day!  Thank you so so much, you have been wonderful." Judy, American Public Transportation Association

"LT&T is very good! We've been dealing with them since our program started 4-5 years ago and they are very professional, works very hard to give us a good program and knows our budget constraints and works diligently to get us the lowest rate they can. If you haven't used this service in the past, LT&T is a company to keep in mind."  (Independent Meeting Planner with Cisco Systems)

"Hello! It was quite delightful! The limo driver was on time, very courteous and helpful. The box lunches were very good; your suggestion as to where to eat them was a plus. All wineries were well represented by their counter people and were expecting us. Thanks for your help on short notice, will be sure to recommend you to others."  (Stan, Wine Tasting Specialist - Retired. Limo Wine Tasting Tour)

Reserved an individual San Francisco City Tour – March 2004, travel planning of San Jose, CA for one person staying in Milpitas:
"Your maps were perfect and the tours perfect - so it was all great -had a great time and yes the weather was wonderful! It is so cold here, but will be the high 60,'s by end of this week. Thanks so much for all your help! Oh, and did see Winchester and the shops (Santana Row) -and had a spa day which was terrific at the spa there -and went to the outlet mall -it was great and bought shorts and tops as I think I told you it was so hot. The weekends were great as well. We went to Santa Cruz one weekend and the coast and then San Rafael, etc."  (Janie – from Ohio)

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Proud to be included with Super Bowl 50 Business Connect program - the approved supplier (included in the BCRG (Business Connect Resource Guide) of Super Bowl 50. Contact us for help managing through the vast San Francisco Bay Area. 

2015 American Mobile - AMN Healthcare Company

What to See and Do in Santa Clara, Calif.: Destination Spotlight
2013 IN THE NEWS at CBS San Francisco:
Best Sightseeing Tours In The South Bay   CBS San Francisco

Article published with 'National Association of Baby Boomer Women' website:
2013 Hotel Reservations Announcement: Our goal:  Build memories and fight Alzheimer's Disease! The idea that I might lose my identity and all of my memories is terrifying  I lost my Father to ... Read more
Every time you purchase your room through our online hotel reservations, I will donate 25% of the proceeds I earn directly to the Alzheimer’s Association to help preserve memories for those losing theirs. Follow our Alzheimer's Actions on Facebook.

Press Release 2004 announcing Best Guided Tour:
2004: Lighthouse Travel Wins Best Guided Tour Silicon Valley 5/10



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